Where Does QA and Test Automation Fit with DevOps?

Let’s have a look at what DevOps is…

  • DevOps is the Next Generation of Agile.

Where exactly does QA and Test Automation fit with DevOps?

  • In the DevOps scenario, QA integrates into the testing and development process and takes the collaborative approach. Quality is ensured throughout the testing and delivery cycle and both the testing and development teams are responsible for it.

DevOps life cycle

DevOps consists of various stages.

  1. Continuous development: Involves planning and coding of the application’s functionality

Continuous Testing and Test Automation in DevOps

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing requires implementing end-to-end automated testing, and it is impossible without test automation. Continuous Testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of a software delivery pipeline designed to acquire feedback on business risks immediately. While Test Automation checks user story requirements, continuous testing compass the entire DevOps process.

Test automation is the practice of using automation tools and frameworks to write test scripts that automate common testing which needs to be done to properly verify the functionality of a software application. These tests can then be run at all points in the software development pipeline.

DevOps test Automation Frameworks

There are different testing frameworks available in the market for various technologies that can be used at different stages of the SDLC process.

Frameworks allow you to write test scripts that can be written for every use case that you are deploying. There are tools and frameworks that can automate all the test steps of your entire software project.

Automation Frameworks for continuous testing

Appium: Freely distributed, open-source mobile application UI testing framework. Supports automation tests

Cucumber: A ruby based tool, used to write and run automated acceptance tests in simple plain English.

JUnit: Simple Unit /regression testing framework used by java

Test NG: Designed to cover multiple test categories like end to end, functional and integration testing

Selenium: A customized open-source software testing framework for web applications. Reduces coding efforts, test cycle times and related costs, which improves test automation.

Selenium IDE is a full-fledged IDE for authoring tests using a test domain-specific language to write tests in many popular programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, C#, and Ruby.


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